The Best Of Trinity Temple Temple Full Gospel Mass Choir

It's the 50/70 year of CELEBRATION!!
50 years of MINISTRY and 70 years of LIFE
and to commemorate Trinity Temple has composed the
"Best of Trinity Temple Full Gosple Mass Choir"


Trinity Temple is having its
50/70  Celebration to celebrate
50 years in ministry and 70 years of life
for the Founder of
Trinity Temple Full Gospel Church,
Bishop J. Bervin Ransom.

This celebration is being held at

Maggiano's Grand Ballroom
8687 N. Central Exp.
Dallas, TX 75255

Formal attire


Staying Busy For the Lord

Benevolent Ministry

 In the time of hospitalization or family bereavement the significance of adding a little sunshine, is what this ministry is about. 


From sending a card to preparing food, no job too great or too small in assisting a member in those difficult times. 


If you have a helping personality, or just want to be “behind the scenes” to show someone moral support, the Benevolent Ministry would love to have you.

Brotherhood Ministry

Upon becoming a member of Trinity Temple Full Gospel Church, a man is an automatic member of the Brotherhood.  The objective of this group is to promote evangelism and Christian growth among the men of the church through fellowship, service, creative projects, bible teachings, family enrichment, and practical life enlightenment. 


In the area of spiritual enrichment, the fellowship plans to have prayer gatherings and edification encounters.


On occasion there is a need for the Brotherhood to join together a work crew for the continued upkeep and care of our families. 


Every man is expected to be an ACTIVE member of the Brotherhood.




Children’s Church

The purpose of a children’s ministry is not to complicate the simplicity of the Gospel, instead the purpose is to present the plan of salvation clearly and precisely in brining our children to the point of decision. 


We offer, every Sunday Morning at 10:00 a.m. for children ages 2 – 12 years of age, a worship service which then can enjoy.  Well planned activities during the year include carnivals, Easter and Christmas plays, choir engagements, Hallelujah party, plus many more functions to keep your child excited about being a part of what God is doing in their young lives here at Trinity Temple Full Gospel Church.


Adults are welcome to become a part of your teaching staff.

Deacon’s Board

The Deacon is one of the most important, needed, and depended upon man in the church.  Prior to becoming a Deacon, a brother is carefully observed.  He must be a Holy Spirit filled brother as stated in the scriptures.  His characteristics must include: An awareness of the spiritual guidance and development and the pursuit towards such as: a meek and humble spirit; sincerity for the welfare of God’s minister and the church family; the concern for the kindness shown towards members and friends who are shut in,  a felt obligation for the care of God’s house; spiritual maturity; ability to help keep a pleasant atmosphere during services; ability to conduct and carry on any worship service at any given time; excellent moral character. 


The role of a Deacon is broad and his responsibilities are many and varied.  The position in the church is one of highest esteem and importance.  Therefore, only God fearing, God loving and dependable men are chosen to be a part of the Deacon’s Board. 

Follow Up & Welcome Committee

 The Follow up Committee by the visitor is recognized by the smiling faces and the welcomed handshake.  To the new members, we are the ones that make you feel apart of the Trinity Family. 


It is our desire to make everyone that comes to our church feel welcomed and at home in any and every way.  The ministry is not necessarily one in the lime light, but quietly working behind the scene to encourage, pray with, or assist.  We take this ministry seriously.


In general, we are Good Will Ambassadors bridging the gap for new members.  If you are looking for an exciting committee to work with, this would be the one.

Media Ministry
The Media Ministry is responsible for capturing the Sunday, Wednesday, and special services on CD and DVD.

It allows anyone to take the “preached Word of God” with them where ever they go.  If at anytime there’s a need for spiritual uplifting, you can depend on the clear pictures and sounds by our staff.

Ministry Department

 The vision of the Ministerial department is to have both men and women who have a burden to:

·         Assist Bishop and Ordained Minister's when needed

·         Visit the sick, shut in, and elderly

·         Assist with altar work

·         Assist other departments as needed

·         Represent Trinity at other various church events


If the voice of the Lord has spoken to you to, “Go ye into the vineyard,” and you are willing to work for the Lord, and then make your way to this ministry.  Your labor will not be in vain.

Music Ministry

The objective of this ministry is to praise God and to help Bishop reach and win souls for Christ through music.


The Church Choir, Youth Choir, Children’s Choir, Praise Team, and Youth Praise Team are excited to be a part of what God is doing at Trinity.  Each member that is involved in the Music Department must feel the urgency of the call for dedicated people to deliver God’s work in song. 

New Convert's Class

All new members are encouraged to attend the New Converts class, which convenes during Sunday School at 8:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  Important issues such as: Church Doctrine and beliefs, and Born Again values plus other topics are discussed.   The booklet “Born Again” that was written by Bishop J. Bervin Ransom and several members of the church.  We are sure you will enjoy the material!!!


Instead of learning from “off the street” what’s the next step…Come and learn with us…You’ll be glad you did

Pastor’s Aid Board

The name of this auxiliary practically defines its function.  It provides aid to our Pastor and his family. 


The leader of this group will often emphasize that the entire membership of the church is a part of the Pastor’s Aide.  Why?    Each of us is responsible for the care and well being of our Pastor and his family.  This group merely serves as the planning committee. 


If you would like to be a part of the planning committee, feel free to do so.  There will be plenty of activities for you.

Prayer Team
The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much… we believe this whole heartedly.  If you need a prayer answered, to have someone pray with you or desire to pray with others, our church doors will be open for prayer. 

You may not know what ministry the Lord desires for you to work in, but prayer is always right…morning or night! 


                                                Our church doors are open for prayer on:

                                                      Tuesday Morning ---------- 10:00 AM
                   Wednesday  Evening ---------- 7:00 PM (30 minutes prior to Wednesday Evening Service)
                                                      Saturday Morning ---------- 10:00 AM

                                                    Or you can join us on our prayer line:

                                               Tuesday & Thursday Morning ---------- 6:00 AM
                                                        Sunday Morning ---------- 7:00 AM
                                                  Phone number 805-300-1000 code 784007#

Prison Ministry
Our endeavor is to encourage and win the many souls of men and women who are behind bars.  Currently, our outreach ministers in word and song monthly in the penitentiary.  On a regular basis, we correspond to the newly saved prisoners to assist in their spiritual growth between visits. 


This is not a glamorous ministry, but the reward is so great to see these harden criminals being loosed from the chains that sin has placed on their lives.


Whether you’re a youth or adult our ministry welcomes you.  If you are interested in this ministry, please feel free to join.

Security Department

Our Security is the eyes and ears for the church. 


During regular services, special occasions, events requested by Ministry Directors, they are ready to protect and serve while you worship.


If you would like to volunteer your eyes and ears, look to us!

Single’s (FOCUS) Fellowship of Christian United Singles

The goal of our group is to promote greater fellowship among adult Christian singles, to educate the Christian single on God’s expectation of us as singles in the present day world, and to support one another in love and through the truth in the Word of God.


Adjust your FOCUS.  Come grow with us as we grow stronger in the Lord!

Sunday School

The church’s chief instrument of Christian education is the Sunday School. Our Sunday School convenes every Sunday morning from 9:45 – 10:45a.m.

Christians Education is vital and essential to spiritual development. Each of us must be educated in God’s word, and the Sunday School provides this.


We have a basic text book, the Bible, and supplemental learning materials.


The Sunday School also has a well trained and prepared staff.  This staff meets on a regular basis and continually strives to find various ways and techniques to meet the challenges of teaching.


It is important that you attend Sunday School on a regular basis.  You will grow spiritually at a steady pace and while doing so enjoy being with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Usher Board

The Usher Board of Trinity Temple Full Gospel Church, invites you to be a part of a great staff that is devoted to ministering to the needs of the church, its members and to all who enter the doors.


In the earlier days the Ministry of Ushering was directed by God, as he ministered to the Tabernacle of Testimony through His chosen Levite Priests. Their purpose was to protect the Tabernacle and tend the vessel of worship.


Our motto is “I had rather be a doorkeeper in the House of God, than to dwell in the tents of the wicked all the days of my life.” Psalms 84:10


We hope that you will consider the Ministry of Ushering. Hope to see you soon!

Witnessing Team

In every community there are persons who are “unchurched” and do not attend any church for one reason or another.  One of the endeavors of our leader is to reach these people. 


The team meets regularly to prepare to go throughout the community to share the GOSPEL, their JOY, LOVE, and CONCERN for our “un-churched” friends. 


If you are interested in this type of ministry, please feel free to join them.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry provides activities for all the women of Trinity Temple Full Gospel Church. This is one of the most fruitful departments of our church. In each gathering of this group, one experiences a joy which cannot be described.


Our leader, Bishop J. Bervin Ransom, has so uniquely allowed this organization to be developed in such as fashion that the Women’s Ministry has activities that no other organization of this sort can be compared to it.


Because of the concern our leader has of the development of the total woman, each gathering provides spiritual development, mental and emotional growth, and the development of self awareness.


If you are a woman, you need not feel that there is nothing for you to do at Trinity Temple Full Gospel Church, as in this department all your abilities will be put to work.

Youth Ministry
Every organization which has young people as members need a well organized program for them.  We therefore have our Youth Ministry. 


The basic function of the Youth Ministry is to diligently seek and present different ways to motivate our youth to live Christian lives.  Regular services are designated for our youth that provide lessons and classes to help develop both their spiritual and natural lives, primarily the spiritual.  There are classes for each age group and well prepared teachers to instruct students. 


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